Why book your outing at The Golf Center?
Because The Golf Center provides all of this for you!

(Suggested maximum number for 18 holes: 144 golfers)

  • A 18-hole championship course

  • Ample carts for everyone

  • Locker facilities at no extra charge

  • My choice of days of the week

  • A convenient location one mile off I-71

  • PGA professionals to arrange contests and scoring

  • Over three dozen menu choices for my banquet

  • My course signs installed and removed for me

  • Free rounds of future golf awarded to your outing

Worry Free Planning

Host a golf outing at The Golf Center and enjoy the rewards. While we can’t control the weather, we will manage the condition of the course, the degree of difficulty, and the pace of play. Enjoy the day. Leave the rules, contests, prizes, and menus to us.

Outings Of All Types

  • Tee times for 20 or more

  • Shotgun starts on 18 holes

  • Book up to one year in advance

Outing Reservations
Dates may be reserved 12 months in advance by contacting the Group Sales Department.

  • 9 Hole AM tee time outings
  • 18 Hole AM and PM tee times or shotgun starts


Code of Conduct
We take pride in providing an enjoyable experience for all golfers and patrons who want to experience golf and the amenities at the Golf Center.

This Golfer/Guest Code of Conduct was developed to protect the enjoyment of the guest experience for everyone. Violation of this Code of Conduct can ultimately result in a person from being asked to leave the premises, suspension of membership, or be banned from any future activities at The Golf Center.

No person shall recklessly cause inconvenience, annoyance or alarms to another golfer, visitor, guest, or staff member by doing any of the following:

1) Engaging in fighting, in threatening harm to persons or in violent or turbulent behavior

2) Making unreasonable noise or offensively coarse utterance, gesture, or display, or communicating unwarranted and grossly abusive language to any golfer, guest, or staff member

3) Insulting, taunting, or challenging another golfer, under any circumstance in which such conduct is likely to provoke a violent response

4) Engage in conduct or create a condition that presents a risk of physical harm to the offender or another person, or to the property of another

5) Willfully bring outside alcohol onto the premises – all alcohol consumed on the premise must be purchased at The Golf Center

Any person that is asked to leave the premises or is ultimately banned from The Golf Center shall have the ability to appeal to the decision to the General Manager.